Alistair Burt - Bulletin July 2016

The last four weeks have been as startling in modern politics as anything since the end of the Second World War. In the space of a month we have seen the end of a forty year relationship with the European Union, our major foreign policy position, the resignation of a Prime Minister still not fifty years of age, the completion of an internal party process to find another, and the appearance of chaos in the major Opposition party as it seeks to resolve a stalemate between its members and MPs.

While all this is being done, most people’s lives go on regardless, and quite right too. What matters to people is that they have work to go to, that their family concerns over health, education or welfare are being attended to, and that they are safe. The ‘Westminster bubble’ can seem a bit remote.

Yet of course the events I have described will have a significant bearing on all the above. I do not yet know how our leaving the EU will affect my constituents, once the nonsense of the campaigns dies down.

But I do know that the speed of political transfer of power in the UK serves us well. The people elected a Government last year, with a majority to govern, and a mandate to lead until 2020. That will be fulfilled. We have had to change our leader, and quickly, and a new government of Ministers forms rapidly to ensure that the new circumstances of leaving the EU and its consequences becomes our top priority.

This will not be a smooth process. But I will do all I can, now outside the Government, to make sure that this process works as well as possible in the interests of all.